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LaSalle County Criminal Lawyer

Being accused of a crime can be terrifying, particularly when faced with the prospect of being sent to jail. A LaSalle Country criminal lawyer from The Law Offices of Fitzpatrick & Harrop has the knowledge vital to preserving your rights as a citizen. Every Fitzpatrick & Harrop LaSalle County criminal lawyer has the experience needed to give you the best criminal defense possible, be it to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce pending charges and sentencing, or prove your innocence whenever possible.

Every LaSalle County criminal lawyer at Fitzpatrick & Harrop makes winning justice for his or her clients, top priority. Solving your legal problems with over 40 years of combined experience makes Morris, Illinois-based Fitzpatrick & Harrop the law firm to turn to for criminal defense. You will not find a better LaSalle County criminal defense attorney, than the criminal lawyers at Fitzpatrick & Harrop.

Each Fitzpatrick & Harrop, LaSalle County criminal lawyer works tirelessly to represent you, their most important client. The firm has a proven record as skilled, experienced and respected attorneys, throughout northern and central Illinois. At Fitzpatrick & Harrop, every LaSalle County criminal lawyer is committed to providing stellar service, while still being mindful of the strain on every client’s finances. Each LaSalle County criminal lawyer can deliver better results to clients, often at a fraction of the cost of other law firms.

When faced with frightening criminal charges, finding a smart and experienced lawyer as soon as possible may seem overwhelming. If you have recently been arrested in northern or central Illinois, you need to talk to a LaSalle County criminal lawyer immediately. Your first priority is getting an attorney to arrange your release and provide you with straightforward information on what lies ahead, and how you will confront it together.

Please call The Law Offices of Fitzpatrick & Harrop; our results speak for themselves.

In Chicago, call 312-553-2200; in LaSalle or Grundy County, contact us at 815-942-0071.

We serve and represent people in Courts throughout northern and central Illinois including, but not limited to, Will, Kankakee, LaSalle, Cook, and Grundy Counties, and Chicago, Joliet, Kankakee, Morris, and Ottawa.